Even for things like the Dominion War

Even for things like the Dominion War

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Cuts to penalties, the low rates paid for jobs like food delivery and taxis, more contract work, it all makes labour cheaper. Any inquiry won be effective unless laws are broken otherwise it so easy to cast it as lefties clutching their pearls.We kind of know how that would go as they did try to do a Senate inquiry back in the hung Parliament days. The other media came out on Murdoch side, claiming it was attacking press freedom and freedom of speech.

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If you see a halo around the moon on a clear night, it could be an indication that bad weather is moving in. And it’s not so much spooky foretelling, but rather pretty mundane science. While it may look like a ghostly ring, you’re actually just seeing the light of the moon refracting (or bending) through ice crystals.

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Well then you have to account for the demographic of people over, say, 16 those who can physically leave home and protest. And then you have to account for the demographic that actually WANTS to protest (I’d wager most between the ages of 16 and 50). And then you have to account for the demographic that CAN protest those that don’t have debilitating diseases/disabilities that keep them from going out for too long.

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