Basically, this SCP is comprised of 1,000 copies of a video

Basically, this SCP is comprised of 1,000 copies of a video

We pretend we think it’s alright for a woman to run for president a half truth. We pretend our candidates have great security protection a seasonal delusion. We cannot pretend anymore. Basically, this SCP is comprised of 1,000 copies of a video game called «Marksman 2.» The game is originally about an unnamed government agent who kills terrorists, causes coups, and other threats to the US government; it was released for the PS2 and Xbox in the early 2000’s. However, these corrupt copies predict future events. Players are given randomly generated targets based on real people in randomly generated, real life locations; successful assassinations in game result in entities resembling the main protagonist manifesting in real life to actually re enact the assassination.

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