And for depth purposes, the Canucks also agreed to terms with

And for depth purposes, the Canucks also agreed to terms with

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replica bags hermes They not only opened their wallet to land towering defenceman Tyler Myers with a five year, US$30 million commitment they have long coveted the polarizing defender and made a point of interviewing the 6 foot 8 right shot blue liner on the first day of the wooing period and they have signed left shot defender Jordie Benn to a two year, US$4 million deal.The departure of Ben Hutton to free agency and not re signing Luke Schenn made the move to shore up the left side another priority.And for depth purposes, the Canucks also agreed to terms with left shot Swedish defenceman Oscar Fantenberg on a one year deal at US$850,000.Ben Kuzma: Luongo recapture penalty will restrict Canucks pursuit of free agent wingerOut of spoons: Canucks move to buy out Ryan SpoonerPatrick Johnston: Will Canucks upgrade or trade when free agent window opens on July 1?Ed Willes: Benning goes all in on hunch that Miller, Myers give Canucks a chanceThe Canucks took US$17.6 million of salary cap space into free agency and their signings mean general manager Jim Benning must get creative in the off season aaa replica bags to address the need for another top six forward, a bonafide winger to play with Bo Horvat.In Myers, the Canucks have a defenceman who should pair well with Quinn Hughes, but has been more scrutinized than Justin Trudeau.For everything he can do with the puck, his detractors remember him for being on the ice for key playoff goals. In a third pairing with Dmitry Kulikov as the Winnipeg Jets were eliminated from Stanley Cup contention in a first round loss to eventual Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues, he was often exposed. replica bags hermes

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