This certainly does seem like a situation where a software fix

This certainly does seem like a situation where a software fix

The combo of photos of the 14 crew members who died in a fire on a Russian navy’s deep sea research submersible, distributed on July 4, 2019, by Russian Defense Ministry Press Service, shows from a top row: Captain 1st rank Denis Dolonsky, Captain 1st rank Nikolay Filin, Captain 1st rank Vladimir Abankin, Captain 1st rank Andrei Voskresensky, Captain 1st rank Anatoly Ivanov, Captain 1st rank Denis Oparin, Captain 1st rank Konstantin Somov, Bottom row: Captain 2nd rank Alexander Avdonin, Captain 2nd rank Sergei Danilchenko, Captain 2nd rank Dmitry Solovyov, medical service Colonel Alexander Vasilyev, Captain 3rd rank Viktor Kuzmin, Captain 3rd rank Vladimir Sukhinichev, Lt. Captain Mikhail Dubkov. The Defense Ministry said the 14 seamen were killed by toxic fumes from the blaze.

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