There been enough interest in some of our playoff ghosts that

There been enough interest in some of our playoff ghosts that

Johnson would be good sign of ambition and a international midfilder together with a repacement for the wantaway Repka would confirm to me this is a new dawn for the hammers.Pards buys in the close season were a inspiration to us fans and the reward has been all sell out home ties. But there are still plenty of die hard hammers fans with claret blue blood that are still in pain with what has gone on before this season at the Boleyn Ground. These fans are mostly from the old skool.

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The thing about Nino is that he HAS shown up in previous playoff series. There been enough interest in some of our playoff ghosts that I can imagine Coyle disappears around draft day for a return of a player or prospects. Best guess? Galchenyuk or Patches.

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