Initial video from the port, however, did not clearly show any

Initial video from the port, however, did not clearly show any

But she said that laws of the sea required her to take them to a safe port and that Tripoli did not qualify.The last stage of the 17 day standoff between Italy and Sea Watch 3 played out in dramatic fashion.Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini accused the «pirate» captain of ramming the vessel into a government motorboat as she steered the ship to dock on the island of Lampedusa. Initial video from the port, however, did not clearly show any contact.»This is a criminal act, an act of war,» Salvini said.The German rescue group said Rackete did what was necessary to get people to safety. In cheap canada goose a statement, Sea Watch Chairman Johannes Bayer said Rackete «did exactly the right thing.»»She upheld the law of the sea and brought people to safety,» he said.According to a description of the events on the Italian news service ANSA, people from Lampedusa were camped out near the port and clashed verbally over how the standoff had been handled.ANSA reported that an Italian government boat had «attempted several times» to prevent Sea Watch 3 from docking but had aborted the effort to avoid being trapped between the dock and the German vessel.»It looks like the motorboat managed to flee.

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