I had to tell him I could not work Monday

I had to tell him I could not work Monday

Like me, he is a night owl, so I knew he would be awake. I had to tell him I could not work Monday. He asked me two things: if I was Ok? And did I need him to come and pick me up? I was still about 30 minutes outside Sudbury when I hit the moose.. 6. World’s largest penny SalmoCanada may have retired the penny in 2012, but the village of Salmo in the west Kootenays can never completely quit the coin not when they have the biggest one in the entire replica designer bags wholesale world just along the highway. Salmo eight foot tall penny was dedicated on July 1, 1995, Canada birthday, in honour of Penny Power, a campaign to collect pennies and donate them to the government of Canada to reduce the national debt..

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