Edit 2: I guess it was always the New River and was just

Edit 2: I guess it was always the New River and was just

He would drill us on what seemed like stupid shit. Like when we dealt with clients we had to stand until he sat. We all had to put our briefcases down at the same time. About UsWhen Casa Sensei opens in downtown Fort Lauderdale next month, it won’t be your average Asian inspired dining experience. Expect to be greeted with a complimentary bowl of chili spiked popcorn upon seating before ordering specialties like Peking duck; then take a gondola ride and finish your meal with a bright blue cotton candy cone.Slated to open this November off Las Olas Boulevard overlooking the Himmarshee Canal, Casa Sensei bills itself as a culturally immersive eatery that combines Pan Asian flavors with the dynamic flare of Latin American dining.»Casa Sensei menu puts a unique twist on authentic Asian dishes thanks to modern influences inspired from Latin America; an idea to make dining here more stimulating,» said Casa Sensei owner Victor Diaz, who traveled extensively across Asia to draw inspiration for the menu and the restaurant unique interior design. Innovative menu is complimented by an equally impressive presentation.»Casa Sensi will offer freestyle sushi.While there are other options for Asian fare or sushi on Las Olas, Casa Sensei will be the only eatery offering Asian cuisine that represents multiple countries and cultures, including Diaz’s own take on «freestyle» or contemporary sushi rolls alongside dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, China, and Japan.Taking over the space previously occupied by Bao Bar + Asian Kitchen, the space pays homage to the previous menu by keeping some of the former longtime eatery’s most popular dishes including its traditional Peking duck, dim sum, beef red curry, duck fried rice and, of course bao buns.If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters.SHOW ME HOWNew twists, however, are aimed at creating a more vibrant dining experience.

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