BIANCULLI: David Edelstein is film critic for New York

BIANCULLI: David Edelstein is film critic for New York

If you make a key lime pie with anything other than 100 percent key lime juice, you won’t have a true key lime pie. Crusts can vary from family to family. Some like pastry, some like graham. Voting for anyone because of their race or gender is as stupid as not voting for them for the same reasons. I will not be voting for Obama because he is full of it, not because he is black. I will not be voting for Hillary because she never admitted she made a mistake in voting to go into Iraq.

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canada goose coats SYDELL: You know, in this particular display, it isn’t. But I tried a couple of other experiences with the Oculus Rift. In one of them, I was watching an interactive documentary about people who make art with code. BIANCULLI: David Edelstein is film critic for New York magazine. He’s the son of grassroots activists and frontman for the band The Coup, a hip hop band whose members describe themselves as a revolutionary music collective. His new film «Sorry To Bother You» starring «Atlanta’s» Lakeith Stanfield, is a social satire inspired by his time as a telemarketer. canada goose coats

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