Basically they’re misinformed about article 13

Basically they’re misinformed about article 13

If Barr actually thought it was nothing, then he would have gladly and happily been very to the point. He would have said things like, «This report shows conclusively by all measures that the president did not engage in collusion or obstruction, beyond a reasonable doubt. But also we are not sure we can even indict a sitting president to begin with blah blah blah blah».

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cheap hermes belt Is there legitimately nothing I can possibly do to circumvent this? I don’t think this is in any way fair, and I would appreciate any help I can get. Basically they’re misinformed about article 13. And think they’re all gonna get criminal records if anyone from Europe posts a meme.. cheap hermes belt

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fake hermes belt women’s So here’s what’s going to happen when the report is released. It will contain plenty of damaging information about the president and those around him, but huge amounts of text will be blacked out. Democrats, distrustful that all of Barr’s redactions were truly necessary and were not made in part to protect Trump, will demand to at least have a select group of lawmakers review the unredacted report. fake hermes belt women’s

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